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5 Practical Realities Of Getting Over Your Unrequited Crush

Thought Catalog

1. You have to delete their number.

Unfriend them on Facebook, stop following them on Instagram and Twitter, remove them from Snapchat, do whatever it is you have to do to detangle them from your life. (And yes, this includes removing your text message thread, too.) Stop going to the parties and bars where you know they’re going to be, and if they ask you to hang out, decline. I know it hurts — and it’s awkward if you have mutual friends or are in the same group — but sometimes you have to distance yourself. Unrequited love is really good at latching out onto any reciprocated attention, and torturing yourself with their presence is only going to wind up hurting you and breeding resentment. (And in the worst-case scenario, they know, and want to string along your heart so that they feel loved without doing any of the work themselves…

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