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Right or Wrong Mindfulness


continuing in time & space continuing in time & space

Right Mindfulness is a way, not an instrument or tool, or a means for achieving an end ~ Most Venerable Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

wild sunflower wild sunflower ~d nelson

Smrti or mindfulness is an integral part of the Buddha’s 2600 year old Noble Eightfold Path. When practiced in conjunction with the insight of interbeing, or interconnection of all things, it helps individuals and the collective move away from ill-being towards well-being. With right mindfulness we recognize what is happening within and without, and use proper attention to cultivate compassion, joy and non-harming towards all beings. When practiced separate from the noble path, mindfulness has the potential of doing good, as well as harm to ourselves and the planet. While secular mindfulness is popularly defined as “non-judgmental present moment awareness”, we might meditate on whether it’s truly possible for mind consciousness to see through the eyes of non-discrimination. Experience informs me that perceptions…

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